Lights, Camera, Action! [Video]

Hollywood comes to South Norwalk to film a scene for the show, "The Big C." on Showtime.

There were snow-covered sidewalks, people in parkas, and icicles hanging from windows on Washington Street. Did a winter burst find South Norwalk on Monday?

Well, not exactly.  Hollywood came east as "The Big C",  a comedy show about living with cancer, filmed part of its season-finale in the entertainment district.

"We really loved the charm and history of Washington Street," said Hugo Pazmino, assistant location manager for the show. "The buildings are beautiful and having the train tracks really added a lot."

The special effects crew had to add a lot of snow and ice to make South Norwalk look like Minneapolis in the winter. Minnesota is the "home" state of the show.

Laura Linney, who plays, Cathy Simpson,  a mother who has been diagnosed with stage four cancer, was outfitted in running gear as she took part in a marathon that goes down Washington Street.

"I'm a big Laura Linney fan," said Edgy Sledge, a Norwalk resident who watched the filming of the show.  "I've seen a lot of her movies. She's a great actress and I enjoy her work."

Work on this scene began at 7 a.m. and lasted well past noon. Norwalk resident Michael Bloom, 21, applied for a job on-line as an extra and got the part playing a warmly-dressed person who walked down Washinton Street.

"I've never been part of a show before," said the Norwalk High School graduate. "It's really cool to see how much goes into the production of just one scene. There are a lot more people involved than I could ever have imagined."

However,  not everyone was happy about the filming of "The Big C".  It turned out to be one big nightmare for some merchants who have stores on Washington Street.

"The street has been closed since early this morning," said Mona Mahmoud, who works at the  "And Company", a home and office store. "The owner is not happy. There is no traffic. Nobody is coming in. It's bad for business."

While it may have been bad for business, having a scene filmed in South Norwalk is good for the city.

"This is great. I can't wait to see what Washington Street looks like on TV,"  said Kate Fiore, a Norwalk resident. "They made it look like winter in June, but we really didn't need any more snow."

That's Hollywood and that's a wrap.


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