'It Just Keeps Getting Bigger and Bigger' [PHOTOS]

Gregory Taber's family has done a lot of business since 1856, but the sawmill may be best known for its gigantic firewood piles along Route 7 in Wilton.

If experience is worth its weight in gold, then Gregory's Sawmill is just about as rich as they come.

Gregory's, located at 3 Pimpewaug Rd. in Wilton just off Route 7, has been meeting the lumber, firewood and mulch needs of residents, contractors and landscape businesses since 1856. And the Gregory family has been living in the area for about 300 years, said Taber Gregory, owner.

On Thursday, two workers were splitting logs and neatly stacking them into a pile on the corner of the property near Route 7. The pile was easily 15-feet high and at least that wide.

"It just keeps getting bigger and bigger," Taber said.

Indeed, the infamous pile caught the attention of columnist Heather Borden Herve in 2011 and inspired her to call it Mt. Wood.

Across the property from "Mt. Wood" is another pile of firewood, this one for sale this year. There are about 350 cords left.

Taber said a cord typically contains about 450 pieces and, when seasoned, will last a little more than a year.

Taber, 44, said he's been working at the Sawmill since he was about 7 years old. Surprisingly, despite the fact that there are hundreds of cords of wood on site and Taber himself makes custom wood mantles, the Wilton resident doesn't have a fireplace in his house.

*Editor's note: This story originally appeared on Wilton Patch.

EMR January 27, 2013 at 07:19 PM
Gregory's Sawmill also park large trucks for sale on the corner of Pimpewaug Road where you cannot see southbound traffic coming down Route 7. The truck for sale blocks your view and they have been notified. It's an accident waiting to happen.


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