Top 10 Valentine's Day Don'ts!!!

10 don'ts on Valentine's Day spelled out in simple terms!!!

When Valentine's Day rolls around, people often have tons of advice. Places to go... things to do... gifts to buy... etc. But few people ever tell you what not to do on this infamous holiday. It is because of this that some Valentine's Days become disastrous. This romantic day can easily go south if you're not careful. And while some of the following advice may seem a bit elementary, the number people committing these "faux pas", would surprise you...

1. Don't reminisce about Valentine's Days past (with previous lovers)...with your current date. This is the fastest way to turn a wonderful romantic evening, into one filled with tension and bitterness. You may even find that your current love quickly becomes an "ex."

2. Don't use Valentine's Day to break bad news (especially if you're planning on breaking up.) While it may be tempting, you probably should save any "questionable" news for a day other than Valentine's Day. This is perhaps why some people choose to schedule their break-ups before this famous holiday. The same goes for breaking pregnancy news to a "dubious" partner.

3. Don't re-gift Valentine's Day presents. It's just tacky.Sending flowers or picking them up from a local florist is alway's a good idea.

4. Don't go on a blind date for Valentine's Day. This should be self-explanatory. It is true that many couples that have done so have a wonderful, romantic story to tell their children and grandchildren. But if you find yourself sitting across a dinner table from someone you have zero chemistry with, you'll find all the canoodling couples around you, that much more nauseating.

5. Don't watch a load of sappy movies if you're bummed about being dateless on Valentine's Day. Contrary to popular belief, some gals find it strangely "comforting" to indulge themselves in a romantic comedy marathon on V-Day. But if you're already bummed about spending the holiday alone, you're just asking to blow through a box of Kleenex. 

6. Don't have a one-night stand on Valentine's Day. While one-night stands are already frowned upon in society for any number of reasons, it is probably not a great idea to indulge in them for Valentine's Day. You may have a "terrific" time. It might even be the start of something beautiful. But in the event that you feel crummy during your "Walk of Shame" in the morning, you'll have one more negative memory attached to an otherwise festive holiday.

7. Don't be a Valentine's Day "Grinch." There are actually plenty of people in the world for whom Valentine's Day is a wonderful event. If you're soured on the whole experience (too commercial, too sappy-whatever), don't cast a shadow on the day for others. If your coworker won't stop yapping about her Valentine's Day plans, simply button your lip, walk away, or politely change the subject. No use in ruining someone else's joy... just because...

8. Don't make Valentine's Day a "competition." Many people hate the holiday because it often seems like people are competing to see who's the most "in love." Even if you've had the most fabulous V-Day, try to resist the urge to pry into others' celebrations. Many people like to keep their festivities private; others may not feel like sharing-especially if things didn't go so well.

9. Don't be "third wheel" on Valentine's Day. Sure, your best friend and his/her spouse have known you forever. And sure, they might have been generous enough to extend a Valentine's Day invite to you (alone) on this special day. But it might be a good idea to pass up the offer. On any other night, you might be content to play "third wheel" while bumming around and watching movies. But sharing a romantic holiday sans a date-with your favorite couple just seems a little weird.

10. Don't "overdo it" on Valentine's Day. Many women consider flowers, candy, an expensive dinner, a night of dancing, a fabulous suite, and pricey presents-requirements for a successful holiday. For this reason, many men loathe Valentine's Day.  While there is certainly nothing with pulling out all the stops for V-Day-make sure that the sentiment behind your gestures is what really rings true.Remember it's the thought that counts, NOT THE PRICE!!


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