The Coolest Toy Robot Ever? [Video]

Take seven minutes out of your day, because this toy is absolutely awesome and this video is about to go viral.

Update: It gets more interesting. The creator of this video is a 32-year-old inventor who went so far as to build a giant spider robot —apparently a titanic version of the toy you see in this video-- and apparently lives in a hand-built four-story dome, and the third floor is a trampoline.

Check out this incredible, spider-like robot toy prototype from a company called Wow! Stuff. The guy in the video is toy designer Jaime Mantzel who apparently has a serious knack for making awesome remote control robots—these machines come equipped with armor, interchangeable weapons, pressure-response fire buttons on the remote control, customizable parts, and multiple toy cannons and ammo.

Mantzel also calls for people to name the robots, and if your submission is picked, he’ll ship you one of those spider-bots on the house. If you’re an artist, and struck with an idea for better concept armor, Mantzel also says that there’s a small chance you can help him with the armor design, too.

If the local toy stores pre-order these, I will try not to break down its doors when they arrive. No promises though. 



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