Photo Gallery: City Hall's an Art Gallery

The Works Progress Administration artist who painted the Norwalk scenes that hang in City Hall was also the city treasurer.


OLDTIMER May 13, 2011 at 03:18 PM
In the excellent story about the WPA murals in City Hall, the author said, under a picture of the Old Radel oyster house, that this building still stands. The building pictured was a wood frame building that was replaced years ago, on the same site on water st, by the modern building that now house the Hillard Bloom oyster company. The Late Hillard Bloom with his brother, Norman, owned the Tallmadge Oyster Co which grew to be the largest in the sound. After they passed away and the estates were settled, the Hillard Bloom Company stayed in the building on Water st and the Norman Bloom & son company set up on Edgewater place in East Norwalk. A story about the current state of the oyster business in Norwalk could be very interesting. Either of the Bloom companies would be glad to take a reporter out on the water for some spectacular pictures to see how it is done today.


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