Tree Conservancy Looks to Replace Trees

By JoAnn Messina


We join the many residents in town who are saddened by the loss of numerous trees in Greenwich due to severe storms, most recently the unprecedented Hurricane Sandy. Although the majority of damaged and fallen trees were on private property, many town trees, along roadways, were lost as well. 

The Greenwich Tree Conservancy together with the Town Tree Department would like to assist in appropriately replacing many of these trees.  If a tree has come down on public property in front of your home or there is a suitable location for a tree please notify the Greenwich Tree Conservancy so we can evaluate the location. 

Please contact us at treeconserv@optonline.net or go to our website to contact us at www.greenwichtreeconservancy.org giving us the address where you believe a tree should be planted. We will examine the site, keeping in mind Right Tree, Right Place, smaller ornamental trees under and around power lines and make a recommendation to the Town Tree Warden who will decide on the appropriate replacement tree. 

Together we will return the Green to Greenwich. 

Thank you.


JoAnn Messina, Executive Director

Greenwich Tree Conservancy

Gregory Edmundt Von Hess December 14, 2012 at 01:07 PM
It was a travesty having seen so many of these stately trees fall many of them 100 to 150 years old, how do you replace something that takes 3 to 5 generations to reach this size. Even more tragic whilst driving North on the Merrit are the crews tearing down hundreds of trees and shredding them along the highway. Who is the genius that came-up with this? What in case another freak storm comes were protecting the highway by deforesting 100 ft of trees along it? Atop this, the actual wood is chipped/shredded not sold to lumber companies, builders, re-used somehow or at a minimum sold as firewood. Just left as shredded chips. How in this day and age of pro-green initiatives and conservation are we allowing this to happen and who is behind this initiative?


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