Bush Avenue Homes Top Real Estate Sales

Real estate transactions as recorded in the Greenwich Tax Assessor's Office from July 13 through July 20. 2012.


There were several multi-million dollar homes sold during the week of July 13, and July 20, 2012. There also were several sales of condos and coops for less than $1 million.

At the top of the list were two homes on Bush Avenue—one of which sold for $7.85 million. That home, at 41 Bush Ave., is a 16-room structure built in 1900 and has 6 bedrooms and 6 baths and an in-ground pool.

July 13:

  • 26 Nimitz Pl.: Leah L. Hobart and Alisa H. Paskiewicz to Danny and Wendy Roobaert; $816,400.
  • 17 Ledge Rd.: Theresa H. Joseph to Monique McCarthy; $3,400,000.
  • 38 Cedarwood Dr.: Robert W. and Nancy Cross Selander to Andrews J. Recoder and Marie I. Schiavi; $6,350,000.
  • 78 River Rd., Unit 13: Peter J. and Jill Tesei to Thomas and Donna Rocco; $805,000.
  • 41 Bush Ave.: Frank J. Gilbride II, trustee, to Scott R. Johnson, trustee;  $7,850,000.
  • 50 Bush Ave.: Rebecca Stiritz Moore to Scott R. Johnson, trustee; $5,500,000.


July 16:

  • 23 Griffith Rd.: Timothy O’Connor and Joann C. Tinnelly, to David E. and Jaime Patten; $1,210,000.
  • 30 Robertson Ln.: Chantal von Saher to Robert M. and Ilysa J.  Mann; $1,030,000.
  • 12 Hillcrest Park Rd.: Caye C. and Paul B. Hicks III to Peter F. and Kathleen T. Heimbold; $2,225,000.
  • 16 Lake Dr. South: Mark W. and Janice A. Linnan to Ryan Edward; $1,835,000.
  • 15 River Rd., Unit 218: Eleanor M. Wilson to Elizabeth A. Demarte; $540,000.
  • 57 Sound Beach Ave. Ext.: John M. and Rosemary A. Lamie to Joseph R. and Pamela S. Neal; $670,000.
  • 134 Shore Rd.: Jean Francis and Madalene M. Benoist D’Etiveaud to Birgit and Thomas Mengel; $2,495,000.
  • 1 Silk Rd.: Westminster Development and Management Group LLC to Daniel and Nadine M. Longmuir; $2,050,000.


July 17:

  • 5 Gilliam Ln.: Isolino P. and Ester Marcal to Jonathan Liew; $3,250,000.
  • 32 Circle Dr.: Paul J. and Anne Kelly to Tomida Chikako; $938,125.
  • 47 Lafayette Pl., Unit 6E: Roberta Anderson and Rosemary C. Preis, trustees, to Patrice McCann; $725,000.
  • 149 Parsonage Rd.: Lesley D. and Charles E. Webster Jr. to Rock Love Lodge LLC; $4,995,000.
  • 3 Wesskum Wood Rd.: Carol A. Keane to Andreas and Brigitte Guldin; $1,698,750.
  • 6 Ocean View Ave.: Estate of Lorraine Brosnahan to Randy and Diane Susana; $470,000.
  • 37 Richland Rd.: Donald E. Merchant to Brendan and Heather Flaherty; $565,000.


July 18:

  • 19 Licata Terr.: 19 Licata Terrace LLC to John Kelly and Georgina Dengl; $831,250.
  • 36 Deepwoods Ln.: Judith L. Davis to Katherine and Lewisi Haag; $2,050,000.
  • 23 Homestead Rd.: John F. Boskello and Mary Doppke, trustees, to Fumi Ito; $615,000.


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July 19:

  • 5 Ricki-Beth Ln.: James R. and Nancy J. Case to Joonun Choi; $2,055,000.
  • 244 Byram Shore Rd.: Ann Cea to Daniel R.Tisch; $5,150,000.
  • 3 Cornelia Dr.: Lucile G. Hicks to Caye C. and Paul B. Hicks III; $1,748,000.


July 20:

  • 24 Marshall St.: Joseph and LIna Iacono; to Elizabeth M. Lee; $870,000.
  • 82 Buckfield Ln.: Capital One, N.A. to Michael Grunberg; $1,675,000.
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