{You've Been Elfed!}

As a lover of food, mason jars and all things crafty, I have always wanted to gift mason jar cookies to all of my friends. You know the ones: the layers of flour, sugar and chocolate chips just waiting for a few wet ingredients to be made into baking bliss. For whatever reason, I have never gotten around to it. Maybe it's an irrational fear of those little jars of yumminess not being as loved by someone else.

Another thing I have always wanted to do was to "Boo!" Someone. Basically, it's like ding, dong, dash with a treat. Technically, it's a Halloween thing but who says you can't be Elfed or Snowmanned?

As Lucas and I were whipping up another batch of play dough I realized I could do both of these fun activities and thus, LuCk Dough Jars were born!

Lucas helped pack all of the dry ingredients into mason jars, I popped on a label and attached a festive cookie cutter and we were ready to go!

For extra fun, I decided to add a film canister with peppermint extract in it. If you are using a dry scent, like cinnamon you can always use a little baggy. Just make sure you let the receiver know there is a little something extra that needs to be taken out and added before cooking!

Unfortunately, we will have to save the Boo! Portion of my great idea until next year when he understands the concept a bit more but that's okay!

It is also a good idea to give your mom friends the heads up before coming over and leaving packages on the stoop. I also made sure each envelope said it was from Lucas.

Check out more on our blog! http://luckct.blogspot.com


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