5 Days Of Dough!

What is it about dough? What makes it so magical for toddlers to explore?

First of all, as it's name would suggest, the main point of play dough is "play". Most of the time when we hand Lucas and Chuck a ball of dough, we have nothing planned other than mushing around dough. All the motions-the smoothing, the rolling, the patting, the building- are a workout for little hands. This is an important part of developing fine motor skills.

The textural experience of different kinds of dough also encourages sensory exploration. Chuck wasn't so sure she liked dough the first time she touched it. It took her a little while to get used to. Her little hands had to get used to the way it felt. Lucas dove right in, making foot prints with an emphatic "ta da!"
This is how we came up with LuCk's Five Days of Dough! It's an integral part of our kid's sensory diet!

Check out the blog to learn more!



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